Cosmocat Studios is Nadja Rüdebusch and Eike Swoboda. Eike and Nadja met in 2013 when they were randomly-luckily booked in the same venue. Shortly after they started composing film music as a duo under the name of Cosmocat Studios.



Eike Swoboda lives in Hamburg since 2000. He's been a member of several bands and started his solo project "Ein Astronaut" in 2007.

He has studied film at the academy of fine arts, Hamburg in conducting with Prof. Wim Wenders.

He is musician and film maker and has been involved in the creation of several fiction and documentary movies as a director, cameraman and/or cutter. He's also produced commercial and corporate videos, as well as projections for dance and theater performances. His work has won several awards, including "K. H. Ditze Diploma Award", "Prädikat Wertvoll", "YouTube NextUp 2011" and many others.



Nadja Rüdebusch lives in Hamburg since 2001. She was part of the four-piece experimental pop band Emmy Moll from 2004 - 2011 and started performing and recording her own songs under the name of Binoculers in 2007.

She completed a course of studies at "Sängerakademie Hamburg" in 2004 and took part in "Kontaktstudiengang für Popularmusik" in the same year.

The releases of four albums of both her projects were accompanied by many concerts and continous touring all over Germany and different European countries like Italy, Portugal or Poland. In 2012 she founded her own micro-label Insular.